What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy, also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT), is an FDA cleared medical treatment that provides safe, non-invasive, non-addictive, drug-free, well-tested solution for reducing inflammation and acute or chronic pain (unlike pain medications that only mask symptoms).

Unlike “hot” lasers that are used for surgery, cold laser are photochemical, and cannot burn the skin.  Another way to think about it is this: Hot lasers are used for surgical precision, cold lasers are used for healing precision.

Cold laser technology, also known as photobiomodulation, was originally developed in 1967 by Professor Andre Mester who began using low power lasers in medicine.  Since then it has undergone dramatic refinements, resulting in today’s powerful treatment technology that is highly effective.

The low level laser delivers specific frequencies of light to the cells of the body.   Each treatment consists of placing the targeted area under the laser light for an average of 3 to 5 minutes.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces swelling
  • Accelerates recovery/healing

Why does Cold Laser Therapy work?

Cold lasers are set at a frequency consistent with the frequency of all cells in the body.  The cold laser penetrates the skin and projects light photons deep into your cells stimulating the cell mitochondria (often described as the “powerhouse” of a cell) to produce Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP).  ATP is known as the source of energy for every cell in the body.  An increase in ATP results in increased cellular regeneration and communication.  In this way, cold laser therapy:

  1. Heals damaged cells; LLLT helps sick or injured cells take in oxygen and nutrients at a level similar to that of a healthy cell, and it helps them release wastes and toxins.
  2. “Up-regulates” the function of normal, healthy cells.

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